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"A roadmap to preparedness wrapped in a cracking-good story."
Preparation Skills in a best-selling Action Thriller series.
USA Today best-selling authors
Over 50,000 copies sold.
Jeff Kirkham - Green Beret
Jason Ross - Survival Expert
"I learned preparedness skills on a roller-coaster thrill ride."
Two attacks, a web hack, and a virus,
The stock market crashes, inner cities implode.
But if civilization falls,
will the struggle actually redeem us?
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Can you really learn preparedness from fiction? 
YES, you can--with the right story and the right authors.
Jeff Kirkham served 28 years as Special Forces commando and Jason Ross is a nationally-respected outdoors & preparedness authority. 
Together, they've taken the preparedness world by storm with their best-selling Black Autumn series of post-apocalyptic fiction. 
" I strongly recommend this book to all those who have an inkling that “something” could happen in our society that will change the world as we know it. Not so you can live in fear, but rather so you can make a conscious, informed decision." 
--Lizbeth M., Amazon Reviewer
" ...after this book, I need to open my eyes to get prepared. So much happened in this story that was very real, and not fiction." 
--Edward D., Amazon Reviewer
" This book addresses what it truly means to be a leader, doesn't flinch from the grim reality of innocent casualties, and starkly lays out modern Western man's biggest dilemma in an apocalyptic scenario: There will be winners and losers." 
--Optingout, Amazon Reviewer
" I stayed up way too late last night so I could finish it. I'm all in on the next books. Can't wait to get my hands on them. Thank you Mr. Kirkham and Mr. Ross for a wonderful book that I'll recommend to anyone who will listen." 
--Hopsie, Amazon Reviewer
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