A Special Forces commando returns home from combat to American on the edge of apocalypse. He and his family land a gig running security for a wealthy clan of survivors. Yet most of the group have their heads jammed so far up their modern assumptions they refuse to accept the nasty truth: their safe, comfortable lives are gone.

Can a few salty warfighters convince plastic surgeons, realtors and human resource managers that they must pick up their guns and fight or they will die?  

Green Beret, Jeff Kirkham, and his buddies think they're locked and loaded for yet another war, but nothing can prepare them for runaway anarchy after a cascade of terrorism, government blunder and Facebook darkness strips away civilization.

At what point do everyday people turn the corner and become citizen survivors?

Co-written by a 28-year Green Beret and a lifelong survivalist, Black Autumn proves that common, everyday glitches in our system can add up to the total collapse of Western Civilization.

Jump on the five book action series today, starting with Black Autumn: a Post-apocalyptic Saga.


A gripping, genuine story of a group of survivors…The writing is top notch, the twists and turns come fast, and the action scenes are terrifyingly well written.”

-Bonnie Ramthun, Amazon Reviewer *****

“Best Armageddon book available. I’ve been reading this genre for over five years and this is one of the best.”

-HOS, Amazon Reviewer *****

“Real and Riveting. I couldn’t put it down…although part of me didn’t want to know this…it terrified me. It was a damn good read!”

- Nancy Broadley, Amazon Reviewer *****

“Could not put down. I read the entire book in two sittings over two days…I would highly recommend this book to get you thinking about self-sufficiency. It is well worth the read.”

-Southern Guy, Amazon Reviewer *****

Jeff Kirkham (right) served 28 years as Special Forces commando and Jason Ross (left) is a nationally-respected outdoors & preparedness authority. 


"From overall plot to technical details this book is on the mark. 'Black Autumn' is a page turner with well developed characters, plot, and plausible story line. I give it the highest of recommendations."
-William R. Forstchen, bestselling author of One Second After

"Very rarely do I get to read an Apocalyptic Thriller that is believable, Black Autumn does it. This could happen. I kept asking myself as I read the book, Are you prepared? Terrorists headed to LA with a nuke, I was cheering them on. Seriously this is a great read, so realistic I felt like I was there. Jeff and Jason made me think. I normally only read history, I just hope someday this doesn't become true history. Scared for the players, scared for America, and scared for those who are not prepared for the worst. This is a great read. I love this book. It is as real as it gets, nice to read something from a man who has actually been there, done it, and has the hidden scars to show for his service. A must read for any military or civilian who wants to be prepared. Awesome read, I caution you this book will make you do some soul searching, I know I did. I loved this book."

-Sergeant Major (retired) Kyle Lamb, Founder, Viking Tactics Inc. and Author of Leadership in the Shadows

"I couldn't put it down and was drawn into the characters and the ugly world. Do yourself a favor and read Black Autumn, then give it to your friends and family. Everyone should read this book."
-A. American, Chris Weatherman, author of the Going Home series of survival novels

"Black Autumn is a compelling post-apocalyptic saga of Special Forces veterans who come together to protect and guide a group of peppers after a crippling series of events to the United States. It's a timely, and profound, warning to preppers, and people everywhere, who underestimate what it would take to survive the chaos and mayhem of a grid-down situation on a national scale. As a prepper myself, it's an eye-opening wake-up call."
L.L. Akers, author of The SHTF Series

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