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The Plan2Bugout App (a $29 value)
Use this App to custom design three levels of bugging out: in a car, on a bike/motorcycle or on-foot. Depending on your EXACT SITUATION the P2BO App generates the perfect bug out plan for you and your family.

With The Plan2Bugout App You'll Discover:
  • What gear Special Forces keep in their go bag at all times, pulling from their experience in combat overseas (and why you should carry these items too).
  • The must-have defense gear every bug out bag should contain to protect yourself and your loved ones if SHTF.   
  • What gear to ditch to keep your bag streamlined, which means more range and agility while bugging out or protecting your homestead. Plus this load revolutionizes everyday camping as well.   
  • What you should have for first-aid in your bag at all times. (Hint, a LOT MORE first aid for your vehicle and a LOT LESS for your backpack.)   
  • How to save money on your bug out bag by ditching heavy gear that's a liability and could cost you your life. Plus, in a few days we'll send you access to hundreds more free survival videos and tips.   
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